Our Mission

To provide clients with comprehensive rehabilitation programs that meet their individual needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect, hear, and care for our clients to create individualized health programs aimed at holistic recovery.

Ethical + evidence-based care

Our clinic offers a warm and welcoming environment to help clients achieve their maximum level of physical functioning.

Individualized treatment

We are committed to providing clients with comprehensive rehabilitation programs to meet their individual needs.

Continuing education

 In order to provide the most effective treatments, our staff are dedicated to increasing their skills and knowledge through continuing education and research.

Great clinic all around can't recommend it enough.  Went there for issues with my shoulder, Matt took me through a detailed program and treatment plan.  Attention VERTIGO sufferers Matt is also a trained Physiotherapist in this area and has helped me numerous times with specialized maneuvers to alleviate the symptoms of Vertigo.  The front office staff are a delight, both of the Michelle's (am/pm) are great to deal with and present a warm and professional atmosphere.  Great clinic, will go back again for Vertigo treatments and any issues I might have for Physiotherapy.

Cody Robertson
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